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Perfumery Alcohol Liquid (SDA 40B)

Perfumery Alcohol Liquid (SDA 40B)

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Experience the foundation of countless captivating scents with Perfumery Alcohol SDA 40B. This pure, 200-proof ethanol serves as the universal carrier solvent for professional and DIY fragrances, ensuring effortless creation of perfumes, body sprays, room mists, and more. Elevate your harmonious scent experience with our Perfumery Alcohol. Exceptional Purity, Endless Applications:

  • Odorless and crystal-clear: No unwanted scents interfere with your creative vision.
  • 100% natural ethanol: Ensures consistent quality and dissolves essential oils and fragrance compounds seamlessly.
  • Versatile for all fragrance intensities: Craft Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne, and more.
  • Industry-trusted: The go-to choice for renowned perfumers for reliable results.
  • Denatured with Bitrex: Ensures safety by rendering it unsuitable for consumption


As it is pure and natural, it keeps the scent stable over time. So, whether you're spraying it in the morning or before a special night out, you can trust that it'll smell just as lovely every time.

Absolutely! Perfumery Alcohol Liquid SDA 40B is available for purchase online through our user-friendly website, which provides a secure and efficient shopping platform for those seeking top-quality perfumery ingredients.

  • DIY Enthusiasts: Hobbyists interested in crafting their own personalized perfumes, body sprays, room mists, and linen waters.
  • Fragrance Experimenters: Those curious about exploring different scent combinations and creating unique olfactive experiences.
  • Small Businesses: Entrepreneurs looking for a high-quality base for crafting and selling signature fragrances.
  • Scent Enthusiasts: Anyone seeking to express themselves through personalized fragrances and delve deeper into the world of perfume making.

Yes, when used at appropriate dilutions for cosmetic purposes. Always follow recommended usage guidelines and skin patch test before applying directly.

Yes, it is 100% natural ethanol (200 proof) for exceptional purity and consistent results.

No, it is odorless, ensuring it doesn't interfere with your chosen fragrance compounds.

It is compatible with a wide range of essential oils and fragrance compounds. Always check dilution recommendations for each ingredient before use..